Front view of the car

The Dewbauchee Exemplar is a four-door Coupé which appears in GTA V.


The car influences British elements as found on the Aston-Martin Rapide especially the overall design of the car,the sides,the rear.


The car features a front-engine, rear wheel drive layout. The car is capable of providing great balance with cornering at low and high speeds. It is often considered to be the best racing car in the Coupes class.



  • Spawns in front of the house south of Dr. Friedlander's office during Abandonment Issues.
  • Rarely seen driving around Little Seoul.
  • Sometimes seen driving around Vespucci Beach .
  • Can be bought for $205,000 at the in-game website.

GTA Online

  • Sometimes can spawn in traffic but they cannot be personalised or tuned at Los Santos Customs.
  • Can be bought for $205,000 at the Legendary Motorsport in-game website.