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Character historyEdit

Childhood and adolescenceEdit

Franklin Clinton was born in 1988, grew up at 427 Grove Street attending Davis High School, and then graduated from Los Santos University in 2008 and then 2 years later, his parents were murdered by a gang association known as the Ballas. At 14 years old, he kissed Tonya Wiggins at a Burger Shot and was arrested for "Indecent exposure", blaming racial profiling for his arrest. Franklin, and his brother, Lamar Davis Clinton, was spoiled by their grandparents until their deaths sometime during his adolescence.

He then moves in with his aunt Denise (presumably his grandmother's house left to both of them)

His only known serious relationship was with Tanisha Jackson, although their relationship began to falter due to Franklin's involvement with gang culture and she finally tried to permanently disconnect herself from Franklin and the Families. An incident that Franklin may have also been present for. Tanisha later began dating Jayden, a rich doctor, much to Franklin's confusion as he had begun to move away from the gang lifestyle by this point in life.

Grand Theft Auto VEdit

Franklin and Lamar become repossession agents at a dealership. Then 2 months later, Franklin wins a(n) Employee of the Month Award. One day, he go to repossess a BeeJay XL purchased by Jimmy De Santa. However when his father Michael De Santa finds out that the car has been repossessed, he immediately call the police on Simeon Yetarian for Fraud which results in Franklin and Lamar being fired. Michael, feeling sorry for Franklin, offers to buy him a drink. Franklin and Lamar, without any means of income, Franklin decides to take Michael up on his offer of a drink and visits his house. Their conversation, however, is interrupted with Jimmy phoning to say that Michael's yacht had been stolen with him in the boat. The two rescue Jimmy but can not recover the boat due to engine problems with their car, with Michael promising to keep Franklin in mind for future "jobs". Then kingpin Martin Madrazo, comig ou of nowhere, orders them to build him a HVY APC. The two, needing $3,092,250, meet with Michael's old friend Lester Crest and, with three other accomplices, get $5,000,000 and make his APC while also keeping their bonus cash. FIB agents Steve Haines, Dave Norton and Andreas Sanchez, who had forced Michael into doing their work, later bring Franklin and Trevor into their activities. The three are then have to bring a Russian mercenary Ferdinand Kerimov from a secret bunker in Russia and recover IAA bonds, in an attempt to convince the government not to cut FIB funding. Haines later informs Devin Weston, a multi-millionaire businessman and investor, about their abilities and Weston hires them (later deciding against using Michael) and Lamar to go get a Pegassi Zentorno, an Ocelot Stromberg , a Z-Type and JB 700, before delivering them to him. During this time Franklin also begins to work for Lester, performing various side missions. With the profits Lester buys Franklin a house in Vinewood Hills at 3671 Whispymound Drive and then moves in to his new house. Franklin's aunt, Denise, then changes the locks of their house and refuses to allow Franklin back in.


Franklin is then left with the decision of whether to "fire" Trevor, Michael or both, which is left to the players choice. If Franklin decides to "fire" Trevor, Trevor go into hiding and is never seen again. If Franklin chooses Michael, he go back to North Yankton and never comes back. If Franklin decides both Michael and Trevor, the three take out corrupt FIB agents and gangsters. Michael takes out Stretch (The leader of the Ballas gang) while Franklin takes out Wei Cheng (a chinese crimelord), and Trevor takes out Haines (a terrorist in disguise). After they finish their objectives, they then agree to remain friends but end their "professional relationships".

Quotes Edit

  • Just what I need, Police.
  • Look out for fools like me!