GTA Online
Grand Theft Auto Online will be released on October 1st 2013, just 14 days after GTA V.

The online experience has gone through many expansions. One of which includes the larger player number in each game. The current number is 16 players in per server.

The multiplayer experience is how the player wants to make it. They can go alone and have fun, make enemies or friends, and do Heists. Players can form crews with their friends and perform heists together to make money. This money is spent on things like clothes, vehicles, garages, and even apartments.

In apartments, players can do many things. The currently known features of apartments are: the player can invite friends around to do various activities such as watching TV together, looking through a telescope, or just enjoying the view. When another player comes to visit someone in an apartment, they will press a button that will make a buzzing sound. The player who owns the apartment can then use CCTV footage on their TV to see who is outside and to decide whether or not they want to let them in. Another feature with the TV is the ability to watch another player who is in a police chase. This is possible due to the cameras on Police Mavericks that will be turned on during a chase. Due to their sometimes being more than 1 player in a chase at times, the TV will choose at random who to show.

Another online feature is the ability to buy private Garages, Helipads and Airfields.  These can be used for storing any vehicles the character has bought/found and customized. The garages have been improved since the previous Grand Theft Auto games where a player would have to cram as many vehicles into a garage as possible. This is by turning the garage into a showroom-like area. With helipads, the player can customize their helicopter and then park it up, probably on their apartment complexes roof, or on a helipad near by. Airfields are also located quite close by to apartments. The player would most likely have to drive to the Airfield in order to actually get there fast enough. It is likely that the player can also customize their planes at an Airfield; by adding different colored stripes, spots, or just big blobs to their aircraft.

Vehicles can also be insured using car insurance websites at TW@ internet cafés. This is incase the player has spent loads of money on a car and then had it stolen or destroyed. If either of these things happen, the player will just ring the insurance company and their car will be returned to their garage within a day's time. Another smaller feature related to players vehicles is the new ability to lock them. Players will also sometimes need to stop to refill their car at gas stations.