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Grand Theft Auto or GTA, is a video game series published by Rockstar Games and developed by subsidary companies. There are a total of ten games in the series, with 4 expansion packs in all. GTA is also one of, if not the most cotroversial video game in history due to its violence. The series is known for its open world sandbox gameplay as well as a large storyline. GTA IV has credited as the most successful entertainment launch of all time

List of GTA GamesEdit

The Grand Theft Auto series goes back to 1997 with GTA I, so all the games are separated into an "Era" starting with the nubered GTA game and ending with the next numbered GTA game. As a result there are many games in each Era. So far there are five (V) eras in the GTA Series.

GTA I EraEdit

GTA II EraEdit


GTA IV EraEdit

GTA V EraEdit