In total, there are 69 story missions, including the Lester's Assassinations

Prologue Edit

  • Prologue: In 2004, Michael, Trevor and Brad are robbing a bank in Ludendorff, North Yankton, where police officers arrive. However, during their attempted getaway, when their SUV is eventually destroyed by a train, the trio must escape on foot.but failed

Simeon Yetarian Edit

  • Franklin and Lamar: Franklin and his best friend Lamar must repossess a pair of high end sports cars and return them to Simeon's dealership.
  • Repossession: Franklin and Lamar must repossess a green motorcycle for their boss, Simeon Yetarian, which belongs to a member of the Vagos gang.
  • Complications: Franklin has to break into Michael's house and repossess his son's car without being detected by anyone on the property.