Police Mavericks.

The Police Maverick, is a Maverick helicopter that is used for law enforcement purposes. Its first appearance was in Grand Theft Auto: Vice city. It has so far gone on to appear in every other GTA game after it.


The Police Maverick is still designed in the same way the normal Mavericks were in GTA IV, whereas other Mavericks in GTA V are a slightly different design. The Maverick has 4 rotor blades which are black with a yellow tip on the end. The Mavericks paint job is black and white with an LSPD badge on the side.

It is likely that during police chases, two LSPD Officers will be sat on the sides of the helicopter using Assault Rifles to shoot the players they are chasing.

The Police Maverick is equipped with a spotlight and a camera. It is unknown if it can use its spotlight like it could in GTA: San Andreas, but its camera can be used. It is not yet known if the camera can be used in Single Player, but it can be used in Multiplayer.

In Multiplayer, the camera is used during police chases. If a player is in their apartment during a police chase, they can tune into their TV to watch it live.