The Titan is a $2,000,000 military airplane and can be bought on the warstock website. You can get it fro

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The Titan at Fort Zancudo

m Pegasus. It also spawns at the Sandy Shores Airfield, Los Santos and Fort Zancudo.


It is a very heavy aircraft and can blow up easily. Doing stunts will risk your life meaning that it can crash easily.


The landing is very risky and it might need a good flyer to land. You might want to land at the Los Santos Airport because it has more room to land

Cargo DoorEdit

The Titan has a Cargo door at the back of it and to get it open, you need to hit it open. The best way to open it, is to hit it with a gun. It can fit atleast 2 cars. There might be a chance of it blowing up, because the car will glitch into the plane and explode.