Front view of the car,(first generation)


The Oracle (1st generation,2nd generation) are four-door luxury sedans that are manufactured by Ubermacht


The Oracle (1st generation) is intended to resemble the 2002-2008 BMW 7 series as seen in the overall design,the front,sides and rear.The second generation is a successor to the 1st generation model and it resembles the 2009-2015 BMW 7 series.


The car is one of the fastest sedans to appear in the GTA Series.It has one of the highest top speed matched towards the Felon and Exemplar.The handling of the car is poor as it excessively oversteer without the usage of brakes.Steering is above average.It is one of the most durable cars in the game.


GTA V and GTA Online

  • Very commonly spawn in Rockford Hills along with the Infernus and Issi
  • Sometimes can spotted driven by The families in their territory.
  • Can be bought from SouthernSanAndreasSuperAutos for $80,000.