Sentinel GTA V

Front view of the car.

The Sentinel is a two door open top convertible that is manufactured by Ubermacht in GTA V.


The Car's design feature German-Swedish elements found on the 2005-2013 BMW 3 series convertible especially seen on the front and side profile. The car features Swedish styling found on the Saab 9-3 as seen on the tailights on the car. The overall styling of the car resembles the BMW M3 Convertible (E93) but differences are the grille unit and the styling of the exhausts which are opposed as quadrilateral tailpipes, unlike the M3's exhaust arrangement is opposed as ovular twin circles.


The performance of this car is very similar to the Stinger. The car will lead to oversteer if executing corners without the usage of brakes. Acceleration and the top speed of this car is very average. It can take many hits before the engine fails. When the wheels are extremely damaged, the wheels will lock up and effect the car's speed and traction, eventually causing the tires to blow out.



  • Very commonly found and parked in Rockford Hills
  • Sometimes can be found in Pillbox Hill
  • It will spawn in Michael De Santa's mansion.The license plate of the car is "KRYST4L".

GTA Online

  • Tends to spawn when the player is driving an Sentinel XS around Rockford Hills.
  • Rarely spawn in traffic.
  • Can be bought from for $95,000.