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Vanilla Unicorn is a famous strip club. Franklin, Trevor and Michael can go there to get private dances. If the strippers like you enough, they offer to give you a double dance or take you home with them. But be careful when you touch them. If the bouncer sees you you get kicked out and can not go back in unless you go with force.

When Driving Home With Strippers If you drive to rough they will get scared, so be very careful when you are driving home with them. If you hit them also so they will get scared so don't hit them at ALL!!!!!!

What Happens When You Go Home With Them They don't show it but you do it with her and if you don't have her number you can get it. When you can you can get a booty call but if she is busy you can't.

Details: The strippers do not wear tops so if you are a girl or boy and you don't want to see that,don't get a private dance. You can cancel the dance at any time if you have "had enough". Every dance Cost 40$ so go with money in your pocket. You do not have to touch her you can flirt with her to when the bouncer is around. Not all strippers want to go home with you. Some don't like sleeping around.

At a point in the game were Trevor now owns the strip club, you may touch the strippers as you please, the bouncer won't do anything, even when you shoot the place up as Trevor, they will just stand there.

Wade will be in the Vanilla Unicorn 24/7 once you complete the same mission that you own the strip club as Trevor.